Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 2 Silver Ravenwolf's 2012 Release Challenge

Hello Everyone! Today (12/2) was Day 2 of the Release Challenge from Silver Ravenwolf. If you haven't already, go to one of the links and check out her blog to see what it's all about! If you've been following along, you already know that each day starts with the morning Braucherei Ritual. This is basically two chants and an "I know" statement. The chants are repeated 9 times as that is a power number that helps the words manifest. The "I know" statement is more of an affirmation that you are stating to make it so. If you truly believe in your words and you focus that energy on them, they will manifest in your life! I know this because it has already started working for me. *Update* My wishlist is now posted and can be seen here!

Todays goal continues on from yesterdays goal which you can read about here. Today was all about getting rid of the dirt, dust and grime. Yesterday we put the clutter in its place so we would have room to work today. I am happy to report that I had another successful day today! I will be posting a pic at some point, but for now, let's just say I tackled the kids bedroom. Here is the before pic:

Now, in general, I have my children keep up on their rooms themselves. We use this great free program called "My Job Chart" to keep them motivated to do their chores with the great reward system the program offers. Needless to say we have all gotten a little lazy for a while now. I had the children help me, and my loving wife Linda helped me as well today! Normally, she does the regular household cleaning due to my pretty much constant flow of online work from Elance. When I am busy with projects, she will keep the house clean and cook for the family. She is so great, and I love her very much.

One of the main reasons I am participating in this program is that I want to change my behavior so that I will be a better wife to Linda. She works so hard to keep the house clean only to have my overflow of junk get in her way and create more work for her. I want to get control over my hoarding of papers and stuff so that I can give her a break and really prove that I want to change this for her, even though she says it really isn't that bad. To me it is bad.

So, we started out in the basement. Right now we have our year old pit bull Maddie down there because she is due to have puppies, we think, any time now. I clean up after her messes for the most part. She has been getting into some paper and stuff that a previous roommate left down there. She has never come back to get her stuff so we try to keep it put up the best we can, but it really isn't our responsibility anymore now that it has been over 7 months since she left.

Maddie is nesting and started digging some holes in one of our extra beds we have down there. This stuff was all over the place today! Anyway, we went down and I helped Linda by putting the bed up on it's side so she can't get on it anymore, and she cleaned up the torn up stuffing and papers and such. I came back up and had some work to get done, so the cleaning was put on hold for a little while.

Later, after the kids were home from their daddy's house, I tackled that bedroom. This is just a start as I have many things to do in that room on my wishlist. I cleaned up the area that is shown i that picture, had to do a quick thing by putting it all in a bag for now. All the clothes were picked up and put away as were the toys. The kids helped me with this of course! Don't worry though, I know the rules of the program, and I kind of had to adapt this one myself though. That bag will be gone through by the end of the week! NO EXCEPTIONS!

So, after getting the mess out of the way, I began following today's work. I envisioned my Guardians with me as I swept and rid the room of the dust bunnies. Linda had already done this in the living room and kitchen. She is not participating, but she is very supportive!

This is a dust bunny I drew a very long time ago using Paint LOL!

I made my shaker out of an old coffee can, some rice, and sage and some other dried herbs from a ritual I attended for Samhain. I did not get to do the holy water and candle part today, but I do plan to complete this part tomorrow! I am making every effort to complete everything even if I run a little late on it. I am very motivated, but with work, sometimes it just is not possible to do all the steps even if I really want to.

My son was not interested at all in my shaker; he covered his ears LOL. My daughter liked the chant. She understood how I explained to her about chanting and give words the power to manifest to make things so. She thought it was cool, and coming from a 10 year old, I'm impressed!

So, today was full of blessings and good tidings. I can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow! Please feel free to leave a comment on how your Release Challenge is going!

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