Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1 of Silver RavenWolf's 2012 Great Release Challenge!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rowynyew's Attempt to Blog!

Today I am starting something very exciting. I have decided I am going to release the clutter from my life and change my ways. I no longer wish to be a messy hoarder, and I know I can stop "collecting" junk I do not need. Silver RavenWolf, famous Author of many books for Llewellyn World Wide and tradition head of the Black Forest Clan, announced the 2012 Great Release on her Author blog The Crow at the Crossroads recently. I thought this was a great idea and a great jump start for me to take action. You can find the specifics of the challenge here if you would like more information or to participate yourself.

Today is Day 1.
Goals of today: Clear the clutter and make a wishlist.

Each day starts off with a morning ritual where you go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and do a simple chant to draw power from the Earth, the Goddess and the Lord of the Day. These ruling Deities will give you the blessings you ask for, you just have to "know" that this is so.

My statement beginning with I know is: I know I will rid myself of my hoarding ways and clear out the things I have collected which I no longer need within the 31 days of this challenge.

It is very important to make an "I know" statement. By stating that you know something is so, you give it the power to manifest. You can find more on the morning ritual and the "I know" statement on Silver RavenWolf's blog on this page.

Clearing the clutter - this is basically just going through every room in your home and putting everything in its proper place. You are supposed to go through each room and straighten the room up, making a path in the room and putting everything where it goes in preparation for the challenges of the days to come. You cannot clean a room if there isn't even a path to walk through it. Energy cannot flow through the room in an effective way it the path is blocked by trash or stuff.

Make a wishlist - The wishlist is very important as it is the list of things you want to get done in the days of this challenge. Maybe you have some projects you have never gotten around to finishing? Things like that should be added to your list. Also, as you are walking through the rooms and straightening them you may discover things you will need to do to further you ability to complete your daily goals. Add them to the list as well.

My results from today:

Starting with this mornings ritual I realized something; I truly believe I can change the behavior that I have wanted to change for so long. I feel empowered by the chants! I immediately went to work. The rooms were already clear as they are the children's rooms, and we try to have them keep their areas clean. So, I focused on starting my wishlist. I will post that in a separate post so that I can add and mark things off as time goes on. *Update* Wishlist is now posted here!

After creating my wishlist, I decided today's task would be under my end table. I will need to clear off the top of it as well, but underneath is a sad, sad place right now. Recently, I just keep putting more and more junk down there and cover it up with a blanket so the world, and those who live here, won't see it. This is horrible. Until now, I have wanted to clean it up but lacked the necessary motivation. Now this changes. I will do it. And I did! I am happy to report I have cleared underneath the table aside from 3 things, a small box to keep my bills in, a toolbag, and a laptop bag that has a few things inside it right now. I feel very excited, and I can't wait to do more tomorrow!

End Table Before

End Table After

I call this my 31-Day Life Renewal Program, and using Silver RavenWolf's instruction as guidance, I know I can accomplish these life-changing goals. I encourage you all to participate as this can change your life too!


  1. You can do this! Doing something every day is much easier than trying to make major huge changes all at once. Good luck with your goal.

    1. Thank you! I truly believe I can, and you are so right that it is much easier to start with small goals each day rather than huge goals all at once. Good luck with your goals as well!

  2. You keeping up with the challenge? The junk drawer was the easy one.....what will day 5 bring?????