Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 Release Challenge Wishlist

These are the things that I wish to complete by month's end. I will be updating this post as necessary when I have completed things or when I need to add to the list.

I know I will complete this list and meet my other goals during this program!

1) Clean up  under table next to me. (Done)
2) Clean up under the tv.
3) Take Lucien's little bed downstairs.
4) Rearrange Lucien's room.
5) Clean out closet in Trinity's room.
6) Move Sherry's stuff to the garage to store until she comes to get it.
7) Clean up downstairs in the main room.
8) Rearrange downstairs.
9) Make a coupon folder and mail folder.
10) Start making to-do list every day. (Starting this 12-3)

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