Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 3 of a Cleaner and Safer Neighborhood and Giveaway Reminder

Step 3 to a Cleaner and Safer Neighborhood

Hello everybody!

I missed a couple days of posting tips due to unforeseen circumstances, so I will be double posting today and tomorrow to make up for it.

My third tip is a little bit different from the rest, but it truly is a great idea! Start a recycling drive in your neighborhood. Either put up signs or post in the local newspaper with contact information. Go door-to-door if you live in a neighborhood where it is safe to do so. Ask for paper, cans, and plastic then collect and take them to your local recycling center. This will cut down on trash in your neighborhood. If you live somewhere that pays for can collecting, you can even split the money you earn between you neighbors. This will encourage more recycling. If it is not possible to do this for the whole neighborhood, you should at least be recycling yourself. Websites such as Recyclebank reward you for the things you do to help the earth!

Creating Holiday Memories Giveaway Reminder

Just to remind everyone, you can still enter this great giveaway hosted by Mom Blog Society by clicking this link! You will see my post and the official announcement as well as the rafflecopter that for entry. Please check it out!

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