Monday, June 18, 2012

I would like to invite all who read this to check out a new up-and-coming fantasy writer who is very special to me! She is a great person all around and a great friend of mine. Her name is Rebekah Arthur. She has recently had the first book in her coming trilogy "The Dragon's Prophecy" published. Book 1 of the trilogy is The Dragon's Reign. From the author's website "In the epic fantasy novel titled The Dragon’s Reign, author Rebekah Arthur writes a magical story that tells about the journey of a twin that was born to fulfill a prophecy and the things that they both must do to fulfill their destinies." I finally got my copy and have started reading it, and I have to tell you I absolutely love it! I have always been interested in fantasy and magic anyway, and the way Rebekah presents this story is very interesting and well written way. She is very descriptive, making it very easy to see the story as it's told! I highly recommend this first book to the trilogy as well as the remaining 2 books once they are published! The Dragon's Reign is available for purchase in paperback, hard cover and as and E-book at Xlibris, Amazon here for the hard cover or paperback and here for the E-book, and Barnes and Nobles in all formats. Please take the time to check out this amazing start to Rebekah's writing career and give all your friends the opportunity to check it out by sharing this post!

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