Monday, February 4, 2013

Want to have input in my book?

I have already begun the early stages of writing a book. I am in the research phase of this book right now, and I would like all of you to have the chance to be part of it! To have the chance to be credited for your response in my book I just need a few good answers to a few simple question. The book will be about Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD apps but tailored to a very specific group. My goal is to provide Virtual Assistants and other freelancers with the specific apps that will help them the most in their busy working life. So, here are the questions (and please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below or in an email to rowynyew@yahoo.com subject "book research"): What are the most important features that any app must have to be useful to you as a Virtual Assistant? When you are on the run, what is the first app that you use to conduct business? What is the most common task you perform related to your work as a Virtual Assistant while you are away from home? List the top 5 apps of any category that you believe are helpful to Virtual Assistants. If you are a Virtual Assistant that does not use a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, what tablet do you use and why did you choose to purchase it? I may have more specific questions when the time comes and I may update the list with more questions in the future. I really appreciate your feedback. I can assure you that if your answers are used, you will receive some credit in the book (to be self-published as an E-Book exclusively). I am not yet sure in what form the credit will come - specific information listed with your answer, list of those who answered as research assistants for the book, etc. - so if you have any ideas on that, you are welcome to include those as well! I want this to be a success, and I want my readers to play a role in that success! Disclaimer: Though you will receive credit in the book in some form, no compensation whatsoever will be given. I am sorry, but I want to make that clear right now. You are not getting paid for your responses, nor are you required to respond. This is strictly on a voluntary participation basis. Thanks!! :)

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