Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 4 - Silver RavenWolf's 2012 Great Release Challenge

Today is Day 4 of the Great Release Challenge. For those of you who do not know me, this is a very difficult time in any task for me. This is usually the day that I end up missing or skipping completely. Once that happens, I usually do not end up continuing with whatever it is that I am trying to do.

I am not really sure what it is about Day 4 of anything. All I know is the reason I feel it is so hard to get back into it. I sit here and punish myself and get depressed about not completing the days tasks. After I break that rhythm, it is nearly impossible to get it back.

I'm proud to say that I broke the Day 4 rut today! Even though it was very late and I am posting after midnight, I did manage to do today's task. Thank goodness it wasn't too difficult. Today was the day for cleaning out junk drawers! I have a couple of them, but one is the worst of all and I chose to clean it out.

The reason I say it was easy is most of the stuff was paper. Old bills, receipts from stores, old manuals for things that I no longer need. I got rid of it all. The drawer did have a few things that are craft related and for my children, so I left those. I will try to make that drawer the permanent craft drawer by the end of this challenge.

I could not do the extra credit, but I'm happy to have completed the main tasks for today. I believe the morning Braucherei Ritual is what has helped me carry on and break the cycle. It makes me feel empowered, as if I can do anything. And, of course, I can do anything! Thanks to the Goddess and the Lord of the Day, Mars for Tuesday, for carrying me through. Thanks to you Silver for posting this Challenge. And, thanks to everyone else for your great comments and support.

Oh, Also - My son Lucien Bailey has dental surgery tomorrow morning. Please send any healing and blessings to him if you are able! Thanks again!

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  1. Hello - I took a peek at your blog, came over from Silver Ravenwolf's Release Challenge. :)
    Go you for doing day 4 :) - I think there's always a certain day when one feels like... meh... don't / won't / can't. It's not to give in to that which helps but yeah, it's not easy.
    The morning ritual's been a big help for me, too and to be honest it's also a nice way of starting the day. :)

    Good luck to your son. To be honest, dentists totally and completely freak me out. I hope all will be well for him and that it all heals well and quickly. :)