Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3 - Silver RavenWolf's 2012 Great Release Challenge

Blessed Goddess Divine and Moon, Lord of the Day, Thank you for granting me such great blessing today! I do not have to see them all to know they have been granted, and I truly appreciate each and every one!

Today was a semi-successful day in the Great Release Challenge. My son had a pre-op assessment today for dental work he is having done on Wednesday so that took up quite a bit of the day (hospital is about an hour drive each way!)

I started off the morning with the Braucherei ritual which is working wonders for my energy. I have noticed after the ritual, I am ready to go no matter what I choose to put that energy toward! I had some work to do this morning before going to the appointment. I checked the oil in my car, definitely needed to be done forever ago. I created my daily to-do list for things not related to the challenge. I stay so unorganized most of the time that if I do not have a list, I forget everything I swear. So that happens no more!

I am focusing this challenge on my hoarding behavior and getting rid of the junk I have collected over time. Today I did manage to clean the door (as a matter of fact, the entire entrance way;  it is like a foyer I think.) I dusted all the walls, the front door and the closet door in the foyer. I also used the lemon water to wash the doors, walls and trim. I extended the cleaning to the front porch and washed it down with lemon water as well. Not only does it look much better, but it also smells lemony fresh!

Not very long ago, I noticed my curtains were horribly covered with dust. I had a great idea to use a lint roller all over them and it totally worked to get all the dust off them and the walls around the windows. Since this was recent, I am counting it toward today's goals as they do not need redone yet.

As I was cleaning I did the evil be gone chant and envisioned my guardians with me while I worked. This made the task much easier. After posting this I will be performing the Sea of Affirmations chant as I seem to be coming down with a little cold. I do not want it to get worse.

Tomorrow is another day, and I expect to be much more productive! I am still working to complete a few of my work projects. Thanks again to Silver RavenWolf for posting the Challenge!

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