Saturday, December 8, 2012

All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway!

All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop - 8 December

I'm posting this to join in on this really cool blog hop giveaway that is all about the "best friends" in our lives! The All Pets Want for Christmas blog hop and giveaway is all about creating a wishlist for your pet for Christmas. I've found a few things that my Chihuahua Abby and Pitbull Maddie are sure to love!

Left: Maddie/ Right: Abby with me!

We have our Maddie living in the backyard because she loves the running room. Abby is our little house dog. She acts more like a Pitbull than a Chihuahua, growling and chasing off anyone who dares come near the yard or door. So, to the special loving animals in our lives, here is their Christmas wishlist (all items for both dogs):

Dingo Rawhide Canes and Wreaths from Dr. Foster Smith

Designer Collars from Up Country

Paws Aboard Lifejackets for fun summer lake trips from Johnny's Barkin' Bakery

Organic Dog Treats from Alice's Dog Treats

And finally, a stay at the Actuel Doggy Hotel in Paris! (Site is in French)

And there you have it! Maddie and Abby are sure to love these gifts, and who knows, maybe one day we will be able to send them for that stay at the luxurious French pet hotel!

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  1. ((From Asrielle))

    Oh OK.. that is not a dog, it cannot be a dog, the squirrel brigade would eat that dog....... that cannot be a dog (my hooooman concurs) Where is the cat hotel? We are more french than..... that is not a dog!http://cabingoddess.com/2012/12/all-pets-asrielle-wants-for-christmas/

  2. Wow, the hotel looks good enough for people! Love the collar.
    Your little mini doggie is just such a cutie :)
    Thanks for joining the hop :)

  3. Love all the gift ideas but the hotel looks thee best of all.

    Thank you taking part in the hop :)

  4. I'm a huge bully fan -- I hope Maddie gets to visit the hotel! Those chic beds need some extra bolsters for snugging in, though!

    Thanks for joining the blog hop!