Thursday, December 13, 2012

A quick introduction and update!

First of all, to those that have been here for a little while and to those who are new to the blog, THANK YOU very much for your support! My numbers are growing which means I will be able to provide you guys with more great material, better giveaways, and soon, I will have better product review opportunities which will benefit you all!

This has been an insane week, for that matter, it has been an insane month so far! The holidays are always hectic at my home. I am Wiccan, so we celebrate Yule! This year Yule is on 12-21-12, a date in and of itself that is filled with controversy. That date is also my and Linda's 3rd anniversary (handfasting ceremony). One day we will make it legal!

Last week my son was supposed to have dental surgery. He is 6 years old, but unfortunately he has had poor dental habits until the last few years and genetics hasn't helped him much in the teeth department. So, the morning  he was supposed to go, last Wednesday, my neighbor backed her car into my house!!!! In the process, she managed to tear up my gas meter which provide my home's heat (and it was going to get VERY cold that night!!) She broke a pipe on the customer side of the meter, meaning I have to pay for it...more on that later.

So, the surgery gets rescheduled for today (well, this Wednesday, which is yesterday now), and it seemed like everything in the world was trying to happen to stop us from going through with it. I battled the signs, which I usually do not do, only because I have a feeling they were cause by my own fears. We finally went there. Needless to say, a supposed hour-to-hour-and-a half surgery turned into an ALL DAY event! That's normal though.

Luckily everything went well, though my poor boy had to have 9 teeth pulled and woke up screaming "I hate surgery!!!" I felt so bad for him because I KNOW what that feels like. So, he gets home and he's feeling better (thank the goddess). He tempted fate by eating a cookie and mac and cheese. He thought it was weird eating without his teeth, but he made it through the meal. So, YAY, I'm a happy MOMMY!!!

Back to the story about the gas-meter-destroying-neighbor. As is the case with most utility companies, they cannot put anything in writing for me to send to this girl's insurance company, even though they and I both know I lost a decent amount of gas during the 25 or so minutes the gas was pouring out (from crash time til the fireman found the hidden shut-off valve.) So, my landlord is not going to be happy about that as he wants me to get paid what I deserve since I am responsible for that gas that leaked.


I will be getting back to my Great Release Challenge commitment starting this weekend! I am determined to not only catch up over the weekend, but to complete the rest of the month-long challenge as scheduled! Like I said before, crazy week, crazy month, lots of projects to finish through my work with Elance, altogether equals no time to do what I want to do. I don't like that. I am determined to fix my flaws, and that challenge of releasing clutter is the perfect way for my to fix my hoarding issues. It will be done!!

I found a new opportunity that I would like to mention in hopes that, if nothing else, some of you will turn to me to fulfill your orders for the product. I will not support anything on my blog that I do not believe in, but this seems great as a product and a job opportunity for those of you who are also stay-at-home or work-at-home moms!

The company is Soylicious and the products are amazing smelling tarts, sprays, melters, soaps and more! I have heard about these from many others, and a few personal friends have tried them and found them to be amazing! Because they are made from soy, they also keep their scent much longer than traditional wax products. Once my gift to myself arrives, I will be sure to update with pics and my favorites. As for right now, be sure to check out my site and click the shop now page so that you can view the products for yourself! If you would like to join me in selling this great, earth-friendly product, email me personally at rowynyew@yahoo.com and I will give you all the simple details!

Many Blessings to All of You!

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